Back to Campus at SU

By Ana Rivera |

Published 08/20 2014 11:25PM

Updated 08/20 2014 11:27PM

It is a day many have been looking forward to.  The day they report to college and move-in.  And that just what is was on Wednesday freshman at Syracuse University.

On Wednesday freshman were greeted by large bins and a lot of helping hands at Syracuse University

They're called the Goon Squad -- upper classmen helping SU’s newest students. For sophomore Miracle Rogers, it brings back memories.

“I don't mind I remember my experience when I was moving in and the goon squad helped me so I don't mind helping them,” she says.

And -- with car loads of stuff…

“I know I brought a lot of things with me.”

It's safe to say help is welcomed.  Bin after bin filled up and rolled away -- some even carried by hand.

They even handed out bottled water so everyone could stay hydrated

But the day was about more than just moving... It was the start of a new chapter.

“It's like mixed emotions it’s sad leaving my friends but it's exciting to come here too,” says Jason Archer, freshman.

Jason's mom is excited too -- for the bright future unfolding for her son.

“Can't wait,” she says.

“Why you so excited?”

“Because we going to be without the kid and living our lives and he's going to be living his life as well so we are looking forward to that,” she says.

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