Arterial Ramp Closures

By Kody Fisher

Published 06/25 2014 06:22PM

Updated 06/25 2014 06:24PM

The construction is already at the point of demolishing ramps that bring traffic onto the arterial from Oriskany St. All of the construction is causing some headaches for business owners in the area.


From one big bang for the implosion of the Fay Street warehouse, to a lot of bangs as construction starts bringing down the ramp from Oriskany Street west onto twelve south.

“Noise and vibrations are a little concerning, cause the building vibrates a little bit,” said Jordan Karp.

The owner of the Adirondack Distillery said it’s not so bad.

"It hasn’t impacted up so much in terms of actual construction,” said Karp,” It takes a little longer to get here, but that’s ok."

Not all people agree.

“If they say they're not affected here they're wrong, cause a lot of customers they can’t get their way here or a lot of customers from here don’t want to come here because of the pounding," said Zeina’s Café owner Albert Zeina.

“People that are natives here are going to know their way around,” said Utica native John Matt,” People that are not are going to have a problem."

People in the area said they still love the project.


"I know change is hard for people,” said Vicki Montalbano, “However, this is an awesome project putting people to work. "


“Overall it’s a beautiful and we appreciate and its good for everything.  The city, the county and everything,” said Zeina.

“Overall we feel like it’s a worthwhile project and will help bring more people down to our part of the city, so in the long run it’s a great project and we're happy they're doing it," said Karp.

The construction on the ramps from Oriskany Street onto the arterial will continue to have work done to them in the coming weeks as part of the arterial project.

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