A-Rod Suspended, MLB Enters Uncharted Territory

Published 08/05 2013 10:22PM

Updated 08/05 2013 11:23PM

"The last 7 months has been a nightmare" says Yankees Third Baseman Alex Rodriquez.
Michael Jordan used to say the 2 hours on the basketball court was the best 2 hours of his day. No media asking questions, no fans asking for autographs, and no business deals being pitched. Tonight Alex Rodriguez found himself in a similar situation, playing major league baseball again and for a short time a reprieve from reporters and fans asking questions. But even though he's happy to be back, fans don't seem to echo in his delight.
Brian Paterno of Cooperstown says, "As a Yankee fan I believe he deserves to be suspended, but it's definitely a commissioner problem. He's known about steroids for the last 25 years and now his legacy is being changed because of the steroids."
Chicago native Ethan Czub says, "This was his third time being caught and then he lied about it so it's right."
A-Rod says, "I’m sure there's been mistakes along the way, we're here now, I’m a human being. I'm fighting for my life, I have to defend myself. If I don't defend myself no one else will."
Little leaguers come from across the country to play in the birthplace of baseball and many of these youngsters say there's no place for steroids in baseball
Yankee fan Ethan Handler says, "I think they're awful, you should never cheat to enhance your performance. It just makes it unfair to all the players that are really working hard for all their success."
The a-rod suspension is the longest non-lifetime ban for any player in the history of baseball. Even with the mlb entering uncharted territory and some baseball fans say Bud Selig hit it out of the park.
Handler says, "I think it's completely fair. I'm a Yankee fan myself, but I will not support Alex Rodriguez."
Do you think he'll ever be in the Hall of Fame? 11 year old Ethan Czub says, "No."

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