A Facebook Group For Those In Need

Helping Hands In Utica, NY

A member of the West Utica community stepping up to help other locals. But it's more than just a Facebook group for an exchange of goods.

This is just one of a few donations Anita Clark received last night. And it's all part of a Facebook group she created less than a year ago.

"That's gorgeous for a little girl. And these are the things that the members need," Anita Clark, the creator and administrator of Helping Hands in Utica, NY said.

Nearly 2,000 members are a part of "Helping Hands in Utica NY." It's purpose?

"Help our community. People give donations, and those donations are given to those that are in need. Money is, there's no money exchanged on my group," Clark said.

The process is simple. Anyone can ask permission to join the group and members exchange items from there. Anita says many people think the group is a scam, but for her it's a full-time job.

"Helping Hands in Utica New York, this isn't a scam. I sit on that porch, hours off hand going through item after item," Clark said.

And while most of those donations are clothes and baby supplies, Anita says she sees a huge need for groceries in West Utica, since there's not many stores nearby.

"I would like for us to be able to save money and have a supermarket, I would love for us to save money and have a drug store. It's just a lot of things that make it hard for us, here to continue to try to get out of a hole that we're always put down in," Clark said.

That's part of the reason she created the group. The other motif comes from the kindness of her heart.

"If I could help one person every day. I get a sense of warmth. I feel like I've accomplished something for somebody that needed it. and that's all I want to do. And I appreciate all the donators because my group wouldn't be the group without the donators and the members," Clark said.



To ask to join the Facebook group, click on this link below.



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